Artist Professional Development Grant Awards January 2018

Inaugural Critic-in-Residence Program
December 29, 2017

Great Meadows Foundation is pleased to announce the award of 17 grants to artists in the Kentucky region through the fifth round of the Artist Professional Development Grants program. Supporting artists from across the state, the grants will enable  recipients to travel to visit major conferences, exhibitions, and visual art festivals, and to connect with professionals in the field whose expertise can help them develop their practice.

Grantee artists in this cycle are: Jarrod Becker, Erlanger; Kyoungmee Kate Byun, Louisville; Tiffany Calvert, Louisville; Sabra L. Crockett, Louisville; Carrie Donovan, Louisville; Rae Goodwin, Lexington; Garrett O. Hansen, Lexington; Shayne Hull, Louisville; Jonathan McFadden, Lexington; Letitia Quesenberry,  Louisville; Che Rhodes, Louisville; Rachel Singel, Louisville; Brandon C. Smith, Salvisa; James Robert Southard, Lexington; Hunter Stamps, Lexington; Valerie Sullivan Fuchs, Shelbyville; Stacey Vest,  Park Hills.

Grantees were selected with the advice of an external reviewer, a professional in the field from outside the region. The amount of support given in the 17 grants totals $55,000.-, with individual awards ranging between $1,000.- and $5,000.-. Grantee artists will be enabled to travel to American cities such as Houston (TX), Las Vegas (NV), Los Angeles (CA), Marfa (TX), New Orleans (LA), New York (NY), Tucson (AZ), as well as to Austria, Brazil, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Korea, and Sweden in pursuit of their proposals.