Curator Travel Grants

The Curator Travel Grants program is available to contemporary art curators in the Great Meadows Foundation catchment area. The program helps contemporary art curators travel outside of the region in order to begin research, develop their professional skills, and to build connections and network with other professionals. The goal is to enrich the contribution curators bring to support the region’s artistic development and particularly the intellectual and aesthetic growth of Kentucky’s artist community.

The Great Meadows catchment area includes the 120 counties of Kentucky, and Floyd and Clark counties in Indiana.

The program does not have specific deadlines and accepts applications throughout the year. Curators are advised to contact the foundation before submitting an application in order to discuss their proposal with the foundation director. To arrange a meeting, contact Julien Robson at



Applicants must be professional curators of contemporary art who have worked in the field for at least twelve calendar months. Students may not apply.

Independent curators must have held their primary residence in the GMF catchment area for at least twelve calendar months.

Institutional curators must be employed as contemporary art curators by institutions in the GMF region.

Artists who also work as curators may not apply for “Artist” and “Curator” grants in the same calendar year.

Grant recipients must wait 90 days after submitting their final report before being eligible to apply again.


Grants range between $500 and $3,000


For travel that directly supports the development of the applicant’s curatorial research or professional practice.


All applications must be made through the GMF website.

Enclosed documents should be in Pdf. form, using Arial font 12 pt.

Applicants should send a short proposal (1 to 2 pages), describing the purpose of the travel and including an expenses budget. Outline the itinerary and proposed dates of travel, what you wish to see, who you wish to meet and how the travel will impact your curatorial practice, as well as what you wish to achieve.

Additionally applicants should submit a one page short bio, or cv, or resume.


Travel to see specific art exhibitions and events and to meet with colleagues. Preference will be given to applicants who demonstrate that travel will help create connections and strengthen their practice. Travel within the region will not be supported.

Travel to meet with colleagues outside of the region to explore partnerships, co-productions, and the development of projects. Preference will be given to applicants who have clear and demonstrable outcomes in mind.

Travel outside of the region for participation or attendance at symposia, conferences, and seminars relating to the applicant’s practice. Preference will be given to applicants who can outline how travel will support and develop their practice. Special consideration will be given to applicants who are presenters at a conference, seminar, or symposium.


Travel within the GMF catchment area will not be supported.

Support cannot be given for projects, such as collaborations or exhibitions, that are already in progress.


Grantees must deliver a final report (1 to 2 pages in Pdf. form) within 30 days of completing the travel itinerary. Describe the itinerary and what was gained through the travel, as well as present and future outcomes.

Grantees must also submit a final budget (maximum 1 page in Pdf. form), detailing expenses relating to the travel.