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Attach Application (pdf max 2 pages / 1 mb max)

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Attach Text description of images (pdf / 1mb max)

Attach .zip file archive of up to 10 images (4 mb max). Note: If you get a X in a red box, you may have exceeded the 3mb file limit.

Applicants should submit a 1 – 2 page proposal in .pdf form (please use Arial font 12 pt.), including a proposed expenses budget, describing the purpose of the travel and itinerary. Outline who you will interview, and how travel might impact your practice.

Additional documents:

One page career summary or CV or short biography in .pdf form (please use Arial font 12 pt.).

10 images (in .jpeg form) of the applicant’s recent work. Each .jpeg should be 300dpi and no larger than 400KB. Save folder of images in .zip format. Bear in mind that if your work is on a large scale you should demonstrate this in the submitted images.

A one page list of text descriptors for submitted images in pdf. form, listing titles, dates, mediums, dimensions, and if necessary a short description of the work(please use Arial font 12 pt.).

Before making your application please read the Notes For Applicants.